Family Funday Sunday This Week!

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We're getting together THIS SUNDAY afternoon, October 26, for an afternoon of fun at Rusch Park in Citrus Heights. We'll have food (the whole cookout kit and caboodle), games of all kinds, sitting (if that sounds more fun), and we'll wrap up with a brief devotional thought. We'll provide the hotdogs and burgers and fixins'; you bring delicious side dishes and desserts.

Rusch Park is beautiful! There is lots of parking, wide open spaces, plenty of shade and covered tables for eating, children's play structures, and paved walking trails. 

Rusch-Park-SignOur reservation is from 1 - 5 PM. The location is Rusch Park in Citrus Heights: 7801 Auburn Blvd; Citrus Heights, CA; 95610.

Here are some simple directions for you:

Traveling North on Auburn Boulevard, Rusch Park is on the left, just a bit North of Antelope Road. Once you turn into the Auburn Boulevard entrance (see photo, left), bear to the right and drive straight ahead to the back parking lot.






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