Creative Arts for Christ the King Sunday

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One of the blessings in following a schedule of Scripture readings (we use the Revised Common Lectionary) in our fellowship is that after three years, our church will have been through the whole of the Bible.

Another blessing is that folks can see the Scriptures we'll be looking at weeks or months in advance-- and that's handy when we start thinking about returning worship to the work of the people. Here's what we mean:

We're hoping you'll take a look in advance at the Scripture for Christ the King Sunday (November 23) and think about creating something special to share or show that day.

Not creative, you might say? Pish posh. Everyone is creative-- the definition is very broad. Because we were created in the image of a Creator God, we, too, are creative. 

It might be a poem, a work of art of some sort, a kind of culinary creation-- or maybe you're good at textiles, or perhaps PowerPoint, photography, or maybe growing things. Are you a bit of an actor? Maybe you're an instrumentalist or love to sing. Are you a scrap booker? There are a thousand-thousand ways to be creative.  

See what the Holy Spirit is saying to you in those Bible passages (here's another handy link for the Scriptures for that day). 

Get those creative juices flowing!






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