About our Community

We are an evangelical, Christian church that believes the road to the future runs through the past. And this is really what “Ancient-Future” means: Our worship and spirituality are deeply rooted in classic Christianity. We’re convinced that the faith and practice of the ancient Church will engage our culture more effectively and provide a way forward in a time of almost unbelievable transition and change.

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At Epiclesis, we want to help people remember why they were born-- to worship-- and we really believe, with all our hearts, that if we lift up Jesus, then He will draw all people to Himself. At Epiclesis, we have several tasks that include making disciples and loving the world as Jesus does. And we have one single purpose that fuels it all: worship.

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Church News

  • Devotionals for Navajo Nation Team

    Devotionals for Navajo Nation Team

    Epiclesis elder Don Bowes, who’s also on the 2015 Navajo Nation Mission Team, has put together 8 devotionals for the group to use each morning during their trip. Don took material from Robert Webber’s Worship is a Verb and distilled some thoughts and applications for the …
  • Let Freedom Ring!

    Let Freedom Ring!

    Our friends and ministry partners over at Crossroads Church (7100 Fair Oaks Blvd) are teaming up with several Carmichael area churches to sponsor a freedom celebration for the whole community. Called “Let Freedom Ring,” the event is set for Wednesday, July 1, from 6-9:30 PM, …
  • Another Summer Funday Sunday

    Another Summer Funday Sunday

    We’ve got another upcoming all-church event in the works, this time in Folsom. Our Monday night small group is putting on the shindig and they want you to circle September 20th on your calendars. The idea is for folks to head over to Folsom City Park …