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Mar 18, 2018 Sunday Teaching A Model of Confession
Mar 13, 2018 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA Ancient-Future Millennials in Portland
Mar 11, 2018 Sunday Teaching Psalm 107: Exile, Redemption, and Praise
Mar 9, 2018 The Chapter House Psalm 22: Jesus, David, and You
Mar 6, 2018 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA Celtic Spirituality and Formation
Mar 4, 2018 Sunday Teaching A Solid Foundation of Creation Faith
Feb 18, 2018 Sunday Teaching Orientation
Feb 11, 2018 Sunday Teaching New Things on This Mountain
Feb 7, 2018 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA The Spirituality of the Psalms
Feb 5, 2018 The Chapter House On-Ramp: Lent
Feb 4, 2018 Sunday Teaching We Have Jesus, Too
Jan 31, 2018 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA On-Ramp: Lent
Jan 28, 2018 Sunday Teaching There’s Nothing Quite Like an Exorcism to Bring Out the Worst in Everyone
Jan 23, 2018 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA Talking about Lent ,
Jan 21, 2018 Sunday Teaching David Bowie, Jonah, and the Undiscovered Country
Jan 14, 2018 Sunday Teaching Speak, Lord
Jan 7, 2018 Sunday Teaching Three Surprising Things about the Ministry of John the Baptist
Dec 31, 2017 Sunday Teaching Renew Your Vows!
Dec 17, 2017 Sunday Teaching Joy in the Transmission of Story
Dec 10, 2017 Sunday Teaching How Do You Know That You’re Loved?
Dec 3, 2017 Sunday Teaching No Blow Mold Baby Jesus
Nov 26, 2017 Sunday Teaching A Good King’s Gifts
Nov 21, 2017 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA Christ the King Sunday!
Nov 19, 2017 Sunday Teaching Thorns and Brokenness
Nov 15, 2017 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Advent ,
Nov 12, 2017 Sunday Teaching We Need a Priest
Nov 5, 2017 Sunday Teaching Generation to Generation
Oct 29, 2017 Sunday Teaching A Prophet Greater Than Moses
Oct 22, 2017 Sunday Teaching Thank God for Mystery
Oct 15, 2017 Sunday Teaching Go to the Advocate

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