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Our Worship Location:

We worship on Sundays at 10:30 AM
Carmichael Chapel
(On the campus of the Carmichael SDA Church, from whom we rent space)
4600 Winding Way
Sacramento, CA 95841

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Epiclesis Postal Mailing Address (for giving and official correspondence):

(Not our worship location):
11230 Gold Express Drive, #310-214
Gold River, CA 95670-4484

Phone: (916) 572-9113


Chapter House (Church Offices, Meetings):

(Not our worship location):
7985 Park Drive
Fair Oaks, CA 95628


Video and Teleconference Meeting Instructions:

For Video meetings or watching a Video stream we use Zoom and Facebook Live.

To join the Zoom meeting (video and audio), click on the invitation link and follow the meeting invitation link and instructions provided. You do not need a Zoom account, but you will be asked if you want to set up one and can do so if you like. Use you desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone for this. If you are joining from a computer (for the first time, you’ll download a small application file. If you are joining with a smartphone (for the first time), you’ll be prompted to download the Zoom app. With Zoom there are options of being seen and/or heard. Using Zoom allows you to be seen/heard by using your device’s built-in camera and microphone (if you choose). Many Zoom meetings (like worship services/prayer gatherings) are also simulcast on Facebook Live.

To see the Facebook Live stream (video and audio), simply go to the Epiclesis Facebook page. Use you desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone for this option. Viewing Facebook Live allows you to comment in text, but not be seen/heard.

Teleconference calls with a personal telephone are one of the easiest tools we use for virtual meetings (audio only).

Dial (760) 548-9981. And that’s it! (some charges may apply depending on your provider).

Tip: You can use *6 to mute (or unmute) your individual line. It’s helpful to stay muted until you wish to speak.


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