Israel, 2023: Pictures and whatnot and so forth…

Our Journey to Israel: March 1-13, 2023

Pastor Chris, Dr. Carl Peters, and Dr. Teresa Gardner (left), along with our dear friend Moti (right) are using this space to share pics and memories from our recent journey. All other informational pics and videos that were previously posted are still available, but most are not present on this page. Contact Chris if you would like one of those resources.

Drs. Carl and Chris posting here (and the Epiclesis podcast page) a series of short conversations about the trip, including some of the historical and biblical insights they shared along the way while we were in Israel.

If you’d like to submit photos/videos, please email a small collection of your best items to PastorChris@Epiclesis.org. Some items may not be posted.

Come back to this page often! We’re updating daily….

Our Original Trip Resources:

  • The Main Trip Brochure  The brochure includes flights, hotels, itinerary, and general information and handy tips. NOTE: The document is laid out for print-readiness and should be physically printed out, in color, 8.5 x 11, landscape, front and back, and then assembled for best viewing.
  • Trip Photo Directory  The directory is laid out for print-readiness and should be physically printed out as above.
  • Customized Daily Prayer and Devotional Guide The devotional is laid out for print-readiness and should be physically printed out as above.


Podcasts with Pastors Chris and Carl:

  • Part 1: The Trip Begins: Planning, Tel Aviv, Caesarea Maritima, Mount Carmel, Nazareth, Cana of Galilee (30 min.)
  • Part 2: The Sea of Galilee (coming soon)


Photos by Moti:

Also find a collection of stunning photos by Moti (not of our trip) here at his beautiful website.

Baptismal Group
Carl at Wall
Carl and Chris Bapt
Carl and Chris Bapt2
Carl and Chris Bapt3
Carl and Cindy
Carl and Claudia
Carl and Soldier at Wall
Carl Claudia and Chris Bapt
Carl Jackie and Chris Bapt
Carl Teaching at Caesarea P
Casting Net
Casting Net2
Cave at Caesarea P
Chris Smiling
Chuck and Soldier
Communion Hands
Connie Bapt
Cross at Sea of G
Dancing on the Boat
Group Photo Dead Sea
Group Photo Dead Sea2
Group Photo Southern Steps
Group Photo Sea of G
Group Photo Dome of the R
Group Photo Herodion
Group Photo Mount of Olives
Hall of Names Yad Vashem
Handsome Carl
Handsome Chris
Jerry and Soldier
Jerry Suzanne Chris
Old City Alley Bread Man
Old City Woman
Old Man Praying at Wall
Patty Bapt
Penni and Toni
Prayer Cave Near Cap
Rene and Carl
Sheila Doug and Chris
Sheila Toni and Chris
Sheree at Dead Sea
Soldier at Wall
Soldiers Dancing
Sunset Sea of G
Teresa and Norm
Teresa Praying
Teresa Teaching
Teresa Walking
Wadi Qelt Hermitage
Wes and Tammy

Photos by Pam:

Monks in Jerusalem Via Dol

Photos by Sheila:

Altar at Multiplication Church
Bedouin Donkey
Camel at Dead Sea
Carved Stone at Sea of G
Column and Censor at Nativity Church
Duc in Altum Chapel
Jerusalem Night Kitty
Large Icon at Church of the 12 Apostles
Magdala Stone
Monastery at Wadi Qelt
Moon Over Jerusalem
Nativity Church Manger Relic
Penni Toni Golan Tank
Pilgrims Cross
Pilgrims Cross Gate Magdala
Shepherds Field Church
Statue at Church of the Primacy of P
Tel Aviv at Night
Temple of Pan
Wes being Thoughtful

Photos by Steve:

Chris and Sheila at Sea of G
Communion at Cap
Jerry Suzanne and Chris
Sea of G Boat Ride
Steve Chris Moti and Carl

Photos by Toni:

Carters Toni Kim and Suzanne at Prayer Cave
Cave 4Q at Qumran
Chris Communion at Cap
Chris Teaching at Cana
Courtyard Old City Jerusalem
Descent into Nativity Cave
Icon at Greek Orthodox Church
Joe at Magdala
Mara Suzanne and Chuck Dead S
Mikveh at Magdala
Monastery at Wadi Qelt
Moti Teaching at Magdala
Moti Teaching at Tel Dan
Sea of Galilee Arbel Overlook
Suzanne and Jerry at Mount of Beatitudes