And Then God Shows Up

You’re at home or at school minding your own business…. And then God shows up. What would you say if He asked you to do something— to deliver a message?

This particular Sunday, the Epiclesis community turned its attention to the "Weeping Prophet", Jeremiah, and we noticed similarities to other places in Scripture where God calls someone. For example, unlike Isaiah, but very much like Moses, Jeremiah wasn't especially eager for the task. And also like Moses, Jeremiah pointed out that he couldn't speak very well. But as in the case of Isaiah, and every other prophetic calling you can probably think of, God gave Jeremiah all that he needed to do the tasks set before him.

Take a Bible, read Jeremiah 1:4-10 with us, and notice these commands (and a promise) that God gave His prophet: 1) Get ready, 2) Don't be afraid, 3) Stand up to speak, 4) Speak as told, 5) Go where I send you. And, here's the promise: When you need it, I will rescue you.

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