Drenched in Our Humanity

Dr. Carla Waterman was the special guest in this, the first of several remarkable teachings on baptismal spirituality. Carla was at Epiclesis to lead a mini-retreat titled "Walking Out Your Baptism", spoke on two consecutive Sundays, and also wrote several sessions for our small groups.
In this first teaching, Carla looks at Jesus' baptism, some other Gospel passages through the lens of His baptism, and then beautifully highlights some implications for our own spirituality. Some of the Scripture for the day included Psalm 45:(1-7), 1 Corinthians 15:40-49, Matthew 3:13-17.
One other item: The painting that Carla refers to (that we were using that day in the chapel) is Daniel Bonnell's beautiful "Baptism of the Christ". We'll post it here for you to see and refer to:

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