Communion and Covenant

Is it possible to do "Ancient-Future" in a Baptist context? That question comes up occasionally from folks around the country asking us about the "how-tos" of Ancient-Future as they ponder how to design worship. And the answer is "yes". Dr. Carl Peters was the guest for this edition of The Chapter House and he talked about his own Eucharistic journey and his service in several Baptist churches. Carl also shared how the lens of "covenant" has helped him lead his congregation toward a richer understanding and practice of communion.
One word of warning: Said Pastor Chris Alford, "It would be a sad, and even evil, thing if people who call themselves 'Christians' take what they hear in this podcast, plus look at some random articles on the internet chosen in arrogant ignorance, to impune the good and godly character of our guest. Carl communicates clear, orthodox, and long-honored Christian precepts that most Bible-believing, Jesus-loving Christians hold to. To suggest anything otherwise would be willfully to engage in gossip and destructive, unChristlike behavior."
One programming note: This podcast was our first use of Skype as a recording medium. The quality is off (and we'll fix it the next time around) but we didn't want you to miss this content. Carl is wonderful to be sure, but, though the recording makes him sound like a robot, he is in fact not a robot. Enjoy... and thanks for your patience.

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