Chattel, Cherubs or Chosen?

Dr. Connie Bull was the guest for this edition of the Chapter House. In Sacramento for a workshop on kids and their life and ministry in the church, Connie stopped by the Chapter House for a provocative conversation about the ways kids have been viewed throughout the years and the trend toward a truly inter-generational church life.

Churches might not realize it, but the way they engage kids might betray attitudes that children are Chattel (that kids are more of a nuisance), Cherubs (an overly sentimental view where children are cherished for their "cute factor"), or maybe Cheerleaders (where we bring kids out mostly at happy occasions and are appreciated mostly for their entertainment value).
Connie Bull is calling churches to see children as warmly, wisely, and weekly Chosen, the view that they and their gifts should be treasured and trained to lead in all aspects of worship-- all year 'round-- and fully integrated into the whole life of the church.

Along the way, Connie also gave some practical ideas, mentioned some helpful Scriptures and resources, and even talked about the neglected ministry of blessing. Join us for this edition of the Chapter House, won't you?

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