Epic Connect!

At Epiclesis, we have several handy ways you can get information or connect:

  • Emails:

We have two email lists:  1) The weekly eNewsletter and the Worship Prep emails; 2) Both of the weekly emails plus Prayer Requests.

Not on our email list? Click right here or use your mobile phone to text the word Epiclesis to 22828. You can adjust your list preferences using the link at the bottom of our emails.

  • Texts: Want to receive occasional texts with late-breaking news or other important items? Use your mobile phone to text the word Connect to 916-347-5038.
  • Visit our Website often: www.Epiclesis.org. There are lots of great resources.
  • Use our handy online Interactive Calendar.
  • Participate in our secure Online Church Directory.
  • Participate in our Birthday list.

Need more information or want to update your details? Email us today.