The King is Coming, Part 1

What does the Bible say (and not say) about Christ's second coming? Is there a rapture of the church? And what has the Christian Church held about these matters for most of its history?

The truth is, most of what is debated in the church these days about these matters does not rise to the level of essential tenets. Yet what we believe about Jesus' coming again can affect how we live our lives for Him in the meantime.

Join Pastor Chris for part one in a mini series about the return of Christ as we prepare for "Christ the King Sunday" in two weeks. Along the way, we talked about Dispensationalism and its history in America in particular, and we took a very close look at a very famous passage in 1 Thessalonians to discover what God's word says (and what the Church from the beginning has believed).

Here is a pdf copy of the handout/homework sheet that Pastor Chris referred to.