Church Directory Online

Members and regular worshipers at Epiclesis have access to a virtual online directory. It features pictures, a list of birthdays, and contact information.

Information in the directory is constantly updated and always contains the current information we have been given.

There are TWO ways to view the directory on your desktop computer: 1) Log in at the Church Directory website using the credentials that you yourself will set up.

2) Download, then view or print the file, which will require a password that we occasionally change (Please contact us for the password). You will need the free Adobe Reader to view and print your directory.

Logging into the online member directory.

But here’s the BEST way to view the directory: There are handy, free apps for AppleAndroid, and Kindle Fire smart phones and devices. And the best part is that the apps automatically keep directory content up to date without having to re-download.

Downloading and installing the mobile apps.

Resetting password for the mobile apps.

Navigating the mobile apps.