Only a Presence Can Disrupt a Mood

There seems to be a pandemic of nihilism these days among young people. What do you say to the person who has lost their faith, talks of suicide, wonders about the silence of God, or sees no meaning of any kind in life? So often, Christians seem to have nothing to say. But maybe not saying anything at all is the very best place to start.

One cultural critical has said that the kind of secularism and atheism we experience in America today is not a conclusion but a mood. "And if secularism is not a conclusion but a mood," Justin Earley writes, "we cannot disrupt it with an argument. We must disrupt it with a presence."

Pastor Chris' heartfelt sermon included a confounding passage in John's gospel, an extended (and important) quote from Columbanus, and a pivotal scene from the movie "Silence."