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Jul 18, 2021 Sunday Teaching The Lord IS
Jul 4, 2021 Sunday Teaching Tabernacle of Grace vs. Tabernacle of Pride
May 30, 2021 Sunday Teaching Obligations vs. Rights
May 23, 2021 Sunday Teaching Questions Already Answered
Apr 11, 2021 Sunday Teaching Now What?
Mar 28, 2021 Sunday Teaching None of This Makes Sense…
Mar 7, 2021 Sunday Teaching Three Traps of Lenten Discipleship
Feb 7, 2021 Sunday Teaching Burnout, Chickens, and New Strength
Jan 28, 2020 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA Community? Epiclesis? Now I Get It
Jan 22, 2020 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA Communion Every Week and Sitting in a Circle???
Jan 12, 2020 Sunday Teaching Jordan River to the Cross
Dec 8, 2019 Sunday Teaching Roots & Fruits
Dec 1, 2019 Sunday Teaching Time – Hope – Clothing
Nov 17, 2019 Sunday Teaching Giving Thanks for Our Victorious Christ
Sep 25, 2019 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA Retreat to the Desert Tabernacle
Jun 26, 2019 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA Epic Kids
Jun 16, 2019 Sunday Teaching Hope Takes a Stand
Apr 14, 2019 Sunday Teaching Fears, Truth, Jesus, and cows…
Mar 24, 2019 Sunday Teaching Mission Fatigue: Temptation & Repentance
Mar 13, 2019 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA Holy Week and Stations of the Tomb
Mar 13, 2019 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA Jesus Set His Face… Talking about Lent ,
Jan 27, 2019 Sunday Teaching When You Open God’s Word
Dec 16, 2018 Sunday Teaching Choose Joy
Dec 9, 2018 Sunday Teaching Love and Preparation
Dec 5, 2018 The Chapter House The Season of Light
Oct 28, 2018 Sunday Teaching What We Learned in Israel ,
Nov 11, 2018 Sunday Teaching Prayer for a Thick Thin Place
Nov 8, 2018 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA How to Pray for Israel
Jul 1, 2018 Sunday Teaching Gracious Generosity
May 13, 2018 Sunday Teaching The Ascension of Christ: A Beautiful Rebellion

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