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Feb 16, 2020 Sunday Teaching Choosing Deacons at Epiclesis
Feb 9, 2020 Sunday Teaching Salt and Light and Servanthood
Feb 2, 2020 Sunday Teaching Resume for Kingdom Service
Jan 26, 2020 Sunday Teaching Good Servants are Broken
Jan 19, 2020 Sunday Teaching Pointing People in the Right Direction
Jan 12, 2020 Sunday Teaching Jordan River to the Cross
Feb 24, 2019 Sunday Teaching Ultimate Adam
Feb 17, 2019 Sunday Teaching Teacher, Healer, and Reverser of Curses
Feb 10, 2019 Sunday Teaching What Do You See?
Jan 20, 2019 Sunday Teaching Glory, Epiphany, and the Wedding at Cana
Feb 3, 2019 Sunday Teaching Taking the Way Less Traveled
Jan 27, 2019 Sunday Teaching When You Open God’s Word
Jan 13, 2019 Sunday Teaching Emptying and Humility
Feb 4, 2018 Sunday Teaching We Have Jesus, Too
Feb 7, 2018 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA The Spirituality of the Psalms
Jan 31, 2018 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA On-Ramp: Lent
Jan 28, 2018 Sunday Teaching There’s Nothing Quite Like an Exorcism to Bring Out the Worst in Everyone
Jan 23, 2018 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA Talking about Lent ,
Jan 21, 2018 Sunday Teaching David Bowie, Jonah, and the Undiscovered Country
Jan 14, 2018 Sunday Teaching Speak, Lord
Jan 7, 2018 Sunday Teaching Three Surprising Things about the Ministry of John the Baptist
Feb 19, 2017 Sunday Teaching Crushing Beauty
Feb 17, 2017 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA Coram Deo: Before the Face of God
Feb 16, 2017 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA Crushing Despair and Hope through Art
Jan 30, 2017 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA What in the World is Ancient-Future Faith?
Jan 23, 2017 Ancient-Future Faith on KFIA A Network of Ancient-Future Faith
Feb 12, 2017 Sunday Teaching Hoarders
Feb 5, 2017 Sunday Teaching Poverty of Spirit
Jan 29, 2017 Sunday Teaching Another Kingdom
Jan 8, 2017 Sunday Teaching Embrace Your Drowning

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