Outreach on 103.9 The Fish

TheFishEpiclesis is proud to be associated with Sacramento Radio 103.9, “The Fish”. In June of 2012, we launched a series of short 60-second spots aimed at answering the question: Just what is “Ancient-Future”? Shortly thereafter, we introduced a series of 90-second spots as a special gift to the community: An Ancient-Future series featuring some Scripture and an encouraging word from the Church Fathers.

Later, the Church Father spots also aired on KFIA 710 AM.

We’ve posted them here, too, for you to enjoy.

Would you like to listen the outreach and educational radio “spots”? Click on a link just below:


Sixty Second Radio Spots: What Does it Mean to Be Ancient-Future?


1. The Road to the Future Runs Through the Past

2. Telling the Whole Story of God

3. Marking Our Time with God’s Saving Acts and Deeds

4. The Holy Spirit Has a History

5. Walking Out Our Baptisms

6. Word and Table


Ninety Second Radio Spots: A Word from the Church Fathers



1. Tried as Gold

2. Christian Poverty

3. Trials Can’t Compare

4. Courage to Deny

5. God Knows You

6. Real Change

7. Run from Pride

8. Suffering

9. Strength to Face Trials

10. Don’t Let the Sun Go Down

11. Near to God

12. Dying to Self

13. Offering to God?

14. Fishing for Compliments 

15. Empty Religion

16. Watch Your Mouth

17. Getting Any Exercise?

18. Mighty Weapon of Prayer

19. Finding Truth

20. Want to See Jesus?

21. Tips for Praying

22. Firm Faith

23. Indestructible Power

24. Noticed By God

25. Don’t Give Up

26. An Upside to Less Money?

27. Good Witness

28. Coming Storms

29. Thinking About Death

30. The “Big-ness” of God

31. Heavenly Beauty

32. Words Overboard!

33. Take Heart in Persecution

34. Purpose in Persecution

35. Confess or Deny

36. Persecution is Coming

37. Tests of Faith

38. His Patience, Our Perseverance

39. Perseverance in Prayer

40. After Repentence

41. Finding True Happiness

42. Living a Blessed Life

43. The Enemy of Happiness

44. Tamed By God

45. God Dwells in Patience

46. A Pure Heart

47. Loving Others

48. Doing Good in the Meantime


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