Sunrise Christian Food Ministry

One longtime and loved ministry of Epiclesis has been the physical and financial support of the local Sunrise Christian Food Ministry.

In the recent past, Epiclesis gave monetary gifts and technical advice for the design, construction, and installation of a new industrial, walk-in refrigerator/freezer room. And along with regular food donations, several in our Church continue to be very active, ongoing volunteers for the ministry.

Now, the Sunrise Food Ministry needs help again, and there are four ways to lend a hand:

First, we need to pray for the ministry, especially as they struggle with high demand, limited resources, and continuing procedural difficulties brought on by Covid.

Next, please consider volunteering your time at the ministry. They tell us that there is always room for all kinds of on-site help. (Contact them through their website; see below).

Third, please bring your items of non-perishable goods to church on the second Sunday of each month.

Finally, there are three ways to give financially to Sunrise Food Ministry: 1) Giving offerings faithfully in worship at Epiclesis each week. 2) Visit the ministry’s website by clicking right here. 3) Use the QR code below, right when you make Amazon purchases. A percentage of your purchase will be donated by Amazon to the Sunrise Food Ministry.